“Painting to me means variety…seascapes, still lifes, landscapes, towns. I could never limit myself to only one,
 and repeat it over and over. That way the subject is always fresh, with the ability to surprise and excite. Sometimes
I like to juxtapose motion and stillness…waves against rock or fields rushing in the 
wind around an old barn.

People have said that my paintings have a sense of place, where you can see yourself
…where you’ve been…or 
where you’d like to be. I hope you can, too.”

– Lee Reiff

100_0124Most painting  are framed. Those with an asterisk (*) in the name are unframed and painted around the edges of the canvas.
Fruit and veggies may vary and can be custom ordered (assuming in season).

One thought on “Gallery

  1. Lee’s work reflects a deep understanding of the nature of color, balance, movement, depth, and of nature itself. Our home is blessed with her art. ESR 10/14

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